5 myths on cold and flu busted

5 myths on cold and flu busted

The season of infections is here, and before you get under the weather, it’s best to follow a hygienic routine and build a strong immunity to wipe off any viruses that might harm you. But, did you know there are many myths that might burden your mind during the cold and flu months? Here, we bust the most popular myths for you.

Myth: Don’t have milk when during a cold.
Truth: Well, this is what most people will tell you to avoid. Milk. But, experts suggest the opposite. When warm and mixed with honey or turmeric, milk can prove to be a healing agent when you feel sick. This is because milk has natural folate, calcium, vitamin D, A, K, and so on. This makes it a must-have food if you want to build a strong, healthy gut. Milk can also help in keeping your hormones in check.

Myth: Don’t step out with wet hair.
Truth: This one’s untrue as well. Even if you go into the swimming pool, swim for half an hour, and rest afterward in a comfy space, you won’t fall sick. It’s all about taking care of the room temperature, eating well, and exercising to make yourself strong enough to escape viruses.

Myth: Being with a sick family member can affect you.
Truth: If you need to take care of a sick person at home, it’s not likely that you’ll fall sick as well. If you’re sleeping and eating well, living an active life, and following good hygiene, you won’t be contagious to the sickness that’s prevailing at home.

Myth: Drugstore medicines work fine for little ones.
Truth: Often, parents rush to the chemists when they see their kids falling prey to cold and flu. This should be avoided because you never know what the signs and symptoms mean in this case. Doctors can tell, and they can treat each issue better than the over-the-counter medicines.

Myth: Sleeping isn’t the cure!
Truth: Well, this isn’t true. If you go into a hibernation mode and sleep well for hours together, you can speed up the recovery process.

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