5 tried and tested measures to prevent mini strokes

5 tried and tested measures to prevent mini strokes

The human body, even with all its evolved features, is highly vulnerable. Outside malicious agents or our hereditary nature, either of these can wreak havoc within our body. However, almost every disease or disorders that plagues the world can be treated effectively. However, treatment and prevention are two entirely different concepts. Prevention comes before treatment. Undergoing treatment can be a very painful task, so the sanest choice would be to opt for preventive measures.

This can be applied to mini stroke symptoms as well. You can start making major changes in your routine to prevent mini stroke symptoms, which are a warning-sign for bigger problems to come.
Here’s how you can prevent mini strokes by making major changes to your lifestyle.

Diet- Your unhealthy diet is the root of major diseases that plague you. If you wish to remain free of any kind of disease including mini strokes, you have to cleanse your diet of anything that can harm your body. Replace the junk food with veggies, go easy on salt and sugar, and make fruits an indispensable part of your daily diet. A healthy diet would ensure that all your organs are in optimum condition.

Quit smoking- Smoking tops the notoriety list of things that are fatal to our existence. Smoking not only affects our lungs, but also weakens our Central Nervous System (CNS), making it more vulnerable to mini stroke symptoms. Regular smoking is known to increase the risk of a heart stroke that could have been avoided. So, kick the butt and start your journey towards a healthy life.

Exercise- Most of our health issues stems from the fact that we do not exercise. Regular exercise is known to reduce blood pressure, fight obesity, and reduce the risks of a potential heart stroke. Not only do you feel good after a good workout session, you can notice the changes within the first few weeks itself.

Reduce your intake of alcohol- Alcohol, though seems like an elixir that leads to a stress-free life, is the major factor causing high blood pressure. Irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, weight gain, etc. caused by regular consumption of alcohol is life-threatening.

Pay attention to existing health issues- If you are already suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, you are quite vulnerable to mini strokes symptoms. Ensure that you are on the right medication to keep these disorders under control.

Mini stroke symptoms can affect anyone. If you wait for it to strike you once, then there are chances that this mini stroke might transform itself into a massive heart stroke. So, preventive measures are what you can bank on.

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