7 advantages of new smartphones

7 advantages of new smartphones

In today’s modern world smartphones have overtaken the regular mobile phones. Owing to the rich plethora of features integrated into the new smartphones they have become a necessity for every individual. The highly functional apps, strong security, and robustness are some of the prime features of the mobile phones.

Some of the main advantages of the new smartphones are:

Applications: You can download an extensive collection of games from Appstore, Play Store, and Window App Store. Depending on the need, you can download the apps quickly and access them. There are millions of apps which offer services such as communication, e-banking, e-learning, e-commerce, games, entertainment, and photography.

With the traditional normal phones, you have to open the websites using a mobile browser. However, in the present day, you don’t have to open an online store or social media site via the browser. All the prime websites are available in the form of apps where you can enjoy a better surfing experience.

Save Time: We can call smartphones as minicomputers. You can create, view and edit different kinds of documents, check emails, edit photos and videos. You can do most of the regular computer jobs on the smartphones which save plenty of time.

Hand-free: The voice recognition feature of new smartphones is extremely helpful. For instance: Google Now Voice Recognition System can understand different words spoken in different languages and accent. You don’t need to type. You can use your voice to browse something on the Internet, send messages on social media and even make a voice note.

Reading: You can enjoy an extensive reading experience on the mobile phones. The new smartphones have high pixel density which offers a rich reading experience. The mobile phone screens have varying sizes. The bigger the screen size, the better reading experience you will enjoy.

Free calls and messaging: Earlier everyone had to recharge their mobile phones with SMS packs which enabled them to send messages to people out there. With the advent of the new smartphones, you have access to plenty of chatting apps such as Whatsapp or which allow you to send free messages to people. You can even make voice calls and video calls for free using Hangouts, Viber, and Skype.

Wireless Sharing: Wireless sharing is one of the biggest advantages of the new smartphones. You can share files and folders across different mobile phones, laptops, and computers without using USB. There are certain storage apps such as Onedrive, Google Drive and Dropbox which can be used to store information and then share it online with others. Also, you can access the files stored in these apps anytime and anywhere. You can even learn about the best possible routes and time you will take to reach a particular place.

Maps and Navigation: You will find a significant count of apps which provide the maps and navigation service. This feature proves useful when an individual is traveling to new places. You can use these apps to find directions, view maps and see traffic levels in a particular city.

If you want to get good new cell phone deals, you can carry out online research. You will find amazing discounts for the new cell phones in different online stores. You must check the specifications of the mobile phones before buying them. You can even browse the comparison sites and then compare the cost and features of different cell phones. This way you can get more transparent information about the mobile phones. During festival times you can get profitable new cell phone deals. Do your homework and then spend money to buy mobile phones which best suit your requirement.

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