7 best smartphones that you should check out

7 best smartphones that you should check out

Buyers can never get enough of smartphones. Smartphone companies are here to outdo the other. Wondering whether to buy a smartphone this year or wait for a better model next year? Well, there is no such thing as waiting for a better model as once you buy a cell phone, it will always be replaced by a newer model in the market.

Best cell phones

Looking out to buy mobile phones every few months has become a normal phenomenon these days. If you are also someone who switches their phone every couple of months, then here are some of the best smartphones that you should definitely check out:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8

The crisp and powerful display is the plus feature of this Android model. Faster performance, a long-lasting battery, and a great camera is all it takes to convince someone to buy this cell phone.

  • iPhone 7 plus

This is the only contender for iOS. Nothing beats the iPhone 7 Plus with respect to its features. It has dual cameras and a display that is bigger than all the other iPhones.

  • One Plus 5

One of the best you can get for its price, the One Plus 5 is also an Android phone. The customization options, as well as the battery life, are the highlights of this cell phone.

  • Asus Zen Fone 3

This is a low-cost cell phone with a good rear camera and long-lasting battery.

  • Alcatel OneTouch Go Play

Are you always afraid of dropping your phone or damaging it? Well, then this phone is for you with its shatterproof as well as waterproof covering.

  • Moto G5

The Moto G5 has a generous battery life of 11 hours. A number of people buy this cell phone due to its camera which works even in low light.

  • Oppo R 11

This one comes with dual cameras and an affordable price.

While all smartphones have their pros and cons, it is always better to check with your service provider whether its network will run on your phone.

You may even buy cell phones from websites or your service provider for some rebates or discounts.

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