7 guidelines for an effective video conference

7 guidelines for an effective video conference

Video conferences are an important part of the corporate world. Companies have customers and clients all across the globe. The best way to communicate with them is through video conferencing.
Conferences can be boring and unfruitful at times. Here are few guidelines that can help your video conference go as planned and on track.

Fix a time and stick to it
Most conferences are delayed because one or the other party is not present on time. This can leave a bad impression. There is generally a lot of time wasted before a conference call is started. This is the time spent on waiting. You can avoid this by starting on time. In fact, arrive at the conference room ahead of time. This way you will not be the one interrupting and walking in on the call.
If the call is about to end, summarize it and be clear that you have said everything you wanted to on your end. The general protocol is to ask all the people on the call for final comments.

Stick to the agenda
Send out an agenda while setting up the conference. This way, every person sitting in on the meeting is well informed. Stick to the topic of discussion. This will ensure active discussion between the two parties. Do not be the only one hogging the call. Let all the people at your end and the opposite end say their part. It is important to share a conversation to direct the flow of the meeting.

Set Up The Room With Good Equipment
Video conferences will go smoothly if the speakers and the camera used are of good quality. The room should be arranged properly. Check on how many people are going to be sitting in on the call. It is even better if you have a test run of it. Have everyone seated and see to it that everyone can see people on the other end. Make sure you are seated properly and the room is clean and set up well.

Dress Formally
Considering the fact that you are sitting in on a video conference, your attire matters. It can be used to your benefit. If you dress appropriately you can create a good impression.

Stay Attentive
Before the call starts, make notes on all the people sitting in on it. You need to know the clients on the other end by name and designation. Be alert and follow the conversation even if it is not directed at you. If spoken to, be quick to respond. Formulate your reply in your mind and be precise with it. This way, too much time is not wasted on unnecessary details.

Take Notes
The conference is established to convey important information. So be sure to take notes throughout. Most of the companies record their calls. You can go through these recording and review them. Take notes and share your views with your colleagues. These notes can also come in handy later when the information you have written down is required.

Check your connectivity and the premises
The call can be interrupted with someone walking in or the internet getting disconnected. If this happens, the flow of the meeting is disrupted. To avoid this scenario there are a few things you could do at your end. Check your internet connectivity before you get started. Lock the conference room or have a security guard at the door.

These precautions can ensure that you have a smooth video conference.

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