7 Reasons to buy an iPhone 7

7 Reasons to buy an iPhone 7

Apple’s products are better than most phones available in the market for a number of reasons. Be it stunning design or build quality, touch capabilities, the iPhone has continually managed to outperform some of the best android based devices available in the market.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider buying an iPhone 7 taking into account the latest iPhone 7 prices:

Camera quality: Apart from some of the high-end android phones, no other phone can beat the quality of an iPhone 7 camera. Both the front and back camera feature 12-megapixel sensors for crisp, sharp images and full HD video recording. The f-stop as in aperture settings allows for maximum light to penetrate to give you imaging in even low lighting conditions, which is the biggest reason why many would prefer an iPhone.

Inbuilt storage facility: Android phone might feature an expandable memory slot, but even those cards are expensive to purchase, which is why going for an iPhone is the smarter choice with both the 7 and 7 plus models featuring 128GB inbuilt memory. Memory is one of the major reason to compare the latest iPhone 7 prices and buy today.

Water and dust resistant: Most phones available in the market are not water and dust resistant. The iPhone, however, is designed in such a way that not even a speck of dust and a drop of water can stick to its surface long enough.

Improved battery life: Apple iPhone is designed to last both regarding build quality and phone battery life to allow you to enjoy unlimited entertainment without having to worry about charging for more than 12 hours for the 7 and 21 hours for the 7Plus.

Faster processor speed: The A10 fusion chip is super fast which makes the phone and its performance with installed apps, fast! You don’t have to wait for apps to load and experience any lag while using them owing to the fusion chip with high-performance cores.

Visually stunning: Apple has always focused more on a quality build for all its products which is why the iPhone 7 is no exception at all. A stunning build with premium materials, complemented by bright color options and an even more colorful operating system. Most importantly the air pods are a unique feature which is all the more reason to compare latest iPhone 7 prices and models.

Audio quality: Even with the air pods, Apple iPhone 7 has managed to provide an enhanced audio experience with improved dynamic range and high-quality speakerphone and a universal 3.5mm audio jack to connect to your existing sound system.

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