Paper Towels You Need for Your Restaurant

Paper Towels You Need for Your Restaurant

Paper towels are a very nifty invention. Not only are they easy to carry and use, but they can also be disposed of very easily and do not cause any harm to the environment. Simply put, these are the best clean up options you can have for all sorts of quick cleaning duties in your restaurant’s kitchen – whether accidental spills or microwave splatters. They are highly absorbent and also come in different variations. Of course, there are also paper towels that you would have to stock up for your customers to use, both at the table as well as in the restrooms. If you operate a restaurant, you are going to have to stock up on a variety of paper towels to keep things running. Opting for a paper towel wholesale purchase is, therefore, your best bet to save time, money and get the best value!

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about wholesale paper towels you can buy for your restaurant from some of the top brands available, and also mention types, prices, and wholesale volumes.

Types of paper towels you need for your restaurant

Paper towels come in a variety of forms and shapes. The most basic one is the pull roll paper towel, which is mounted on a steel rod and can be pulled off from a roll. Some of the other variations in this form are multifold, S-fold, and C-fold. The pull roll and the S-fold are the ones most commonly available in the market. Some towels come with multi-layering, some are made out of thicker material, etc. These cover the toilets in your washroom. Your washroom dispenser can stock the economical single fold paper towels or multifold paper towels. There are also scented paper towels which keep your restaurant washrooms smelling good as well as clean. For your kitchens, you would need kitchen paper towel rolls. All these types of paper towels are available at wholesale online.

Top paper towel brands and their wholesale prices

Here are some of the paper towels you can buy for various purposes and the wholesale details you need about each of them:

Bounty Paper Towels

Bounty is easily one of the best and most readily available brands when it comes to paper towels. Although they have been producing paper towels for quite a long time, the new ones come with a special ‘trap and lock’ technology which makes the cleaning process much more superior and easy. You also get a number of sizes and patterns thereby allowing you to choose the right paper towel for the right moment. You can buy a case of 30 Bounty kitchen roll paper towels at wholesale, with 40 sheets per roll, typically at around $45. The Bounty basic print paper towels are available for about $10 for a case of 8. You can get a case of 2000 Bounty paper napkins at a price of about $43.

Sparkle® Paper Towels

If you care about value for money, then Sparkle is your pick. Not only can you get Sparkle® paper towels at wholesale but also each roll gives you 12 more paper towels than any other brand in its category and price range. They are also good for cleaning up big spills due to their advanced 2-ply thirst pockets. Available in abundance, Sparkle® Paper Towels are easily the best choice for keeping your kitchen clean. Each carton is priced at about $36, and you can get this paper towel at wholesale at a further reduced price. Each carton contains 30 rolls with 70 towels in each roll.

Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels

While being priced a little higher than the other entries on this list, Brawny paper towels are the nicest paper towels that you can find around. Bring out a whole sheet of these and you can clean up even the worst kitchen mess ever. Each pack of Brawny also provides you with 20 feet of extra paper towels. Buy these paper towel at wholesale and you won’t have to worry about clean up requirements for a long time. There are 8 rolls in a carton and 140 sheets per roll. Wholesale prices are typically at about $20 -$22 per carton depending on the volumes you want to buy and where you make the purchase.

Georgia-Pacific GEP21000 Signature Paper Towels

These are mostly different from your usual home use paper towels. They do not come in roll formats and are mostly packed in S-folds. Georgia-Pacific paper towels at wholesale rates vary depending on the actual use. These are primarily used by food vendors and such businesses. Your customers will note the quality of the product while using it in the washroom. These paper towels at wholesale prices are at around $33 for a carton, each of which has 16 packets. Every packet contains 125 towels.

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