All You Need To Know About Harley Davidson Parts

All You Need To Know About Harley Davidson Parts

One of the most renowned motorcycle brands that have taken the global market by storm is Harley Davidson. Ruling the roads for over 100 years, the organizations remain to be one of the best selling motorcycle manufacturers who started its journey from Milwaukee. Starting with bicycles, the company has evolved to offer vehicles that are products of cutting-edge technology. To run things smoothly on the road, the vehicle requires several accessories and parts by Harley that surely can enhance the motorcycling journey of the driver.

Parts for Fat Bob

The official webpage of Harley Davidson offers a great range of Harley parts that are customized according to the models of vehicles. If one is driving Fat Bob, he can go for these certain accessories that will help your dream vehicle run smoothly,

Phone Carrier

The smartphone is one of the things without which people cannot live a second. Additionally, there is significance behind this because the wide range of functions covered by the phones cannot be ever replaced by anything else. People can place the phone in the carrier in the frontier to follow the map through GPS. Moreover, the riders will not have to park aside the road to check who has called or texted.

Navigation System

The Road Tech Zumo 590 Navigation System is one of the must-haves for all the riders. It provides several features to improve the journey as a whole. The device is compatible with Bluetooth technology and resistant to any adverse weather condition; it is easy-to-read even in the bright sunlight.

  • Tested for the curvy road trips
  • Continuous lane guidance
  • Provision of information regarding local search and basic weather information
  • Live traffic condition
  • High-resolution display
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Safety camera
  • MP3 player

Essentials for STREET Harley-Davidson Street 500 XG500

You can go for a smart security system, passenger backrest pad, docking hardware air cleaner medallion and handlebar when you are decided to purchase this model. However, the need of buying Harley parts differs from rider to rider.


The Michelin Scorcher Tire Series is one of the most popular accessories of the bike that comes handy in every weather or road condition. The 15″ rear tire is durable and comfortable enough to handle.

  • The wet design is efficient for improving the wet grip.
  • Agile enough to maneuver over critical conditions.
  • The use of semi-slick feature can enhance the experience of the journey even on the dry roads.
  • For offering high performance and making the product the more long-lasting, there has been the addition of new rubber technology.

Seating Accessories

Available in the online stores, the Cafe Solo Seat is one of the must-buys for the people who ride STREET Harley-Davidson Street 500 XG500. Made with advanced technology, the seat width is of 11.25″. Additionally, the rider gets a one-year limited warranty which can be extended on another official site of the Harley Davidson. However, for eliminating stiffness from the seat, components like cushion can be added to get more comfortable.

  • Made of vinyl
  • One of the remarkable features is that the design resembles Cafe Racer Style. Even it is designed keeping in mind to pay homage to the well-recognized style.
  • For improving the sporting profile of the vehicle, narrow nose and low-slung pad are included.
  • The high back pad connects directly to the motorcycle. Moreover, the on-up design is highly noticeable.
  • You get only one unit in the box whether the one-year limited warranty is offered. Generally, the usual tear and wear are not counted within the warranty period.

Hence, it can be observed that the need of using certain motorcycle accessories and parts by Harley are not only dependent on the riders but also on the models of the motorcycles. Generally, all Harley parts are not compatible with each vehicle, and this calls for inventions of new products that can help the rider to offer an impeccable experience of the journey even whether it is on dry roads or muddy ones.

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