Allergic rhinitis treatment for kids

Allergic rhinitis treatment for kids

Allergies in kids can be a sensitive issue. From low immunity, discomfort, constant itching and stuffy noses, they can make kids really uncomfortable.

Here are a couple of tips you can use for giving your kids the best allergic rhinitis treatment:

Clean bedrooms
Thoroughly clean the sheets, dust the curtains, and clean bed linen with hot water to eliminate dust mites. Kids have sensitive noses that react to the tiniest dust allergens, which may cause sneezing and coughing.

Ginger drink
Ginger is an effective allergic rhinitis treatment for kids. Simply mix one tablespoon of grated ginger with a couple of cloves and cinnamon pieces and add them to a cup of water. Boil this mixture for five minutes and garnish with honey or lemon juice for flavor. Let your child drink this to get quick relief. Also, chewing small-cut or chopped pieces of ginger throughout the day will help in keeping allergies at bay.

Turmeric supplements
A turmeric supplement is recommended as an allergic rhinitis treatment. Advised by doctors, turmeric improves the body’s immunity and prevents allergic reactions. Alternatively, you can let your child drink homemade natural turmeric water or add turmeric curcumin powder to your dishes for meal times.

Apple cider vinegar water
Two teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar mixed well with water and honey, when consumed daily, can do wonders for allergies. Let your kid drink this three times a day for an effective allergic rhinitis treatment.

Limited exercise
Exercising may cause flare-ups of allergic symptoms. Limit physical activities for kids if they have trouble breathing due to allergic symptoms. Don’t let your child participate in sports activities and leave them susceptible to risks. Consult a doctor regarding this.

Other simple and daily options for kids include making them sit away from blackboards during school hours to avoid reactions from chalk dust, and avoiding exposure to soft toys or furry toys that attract dust mites and cause a plethora of allergies. Finally, you may use epinephrine in case of emergencies, but this should be done only with a doctor’s permission.

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