Choose Under Armour clothing for the sporty you

Choose Under Armour clothing for the sporty you

About Under Armour
The company started with a simple plan to make a superior T-shirt. The idea was to build a product that would help the athletes perform without too much sweating. The plan worked and today, Under Armour is a well-known brand in the business of making performance-oriented clothing for athletes.
It was in 1996 when Kevin Plan, a University of Maryland football player thought of making apparels for athletes that would keep them cool, light and dry throughout the game. He was fed up with the idea of changing his T-shirt after every game because of heavy sweating. Plank was absolutely sure that there would be something which was better than a traditional T-shirt.

After doing careful research on this subject and speaking with several experts, he came up with his first product, HeatGear T-shirt. Simply put, this product helped athletes keep cool, dry and light in extremely hot conditions. The fabric of this cloth was made of synthetic materials which had moisture-weakening properties.

Kevin named his company Under Armour, which made people curious about his products. He ran his company from the basement of his grandmother’s house and used to travel the entire East Coast selling his products from the trunk of his car.

In 1996, he made $17,000 in sales. In the following year, he came out with another product, ColdGear, which was designed to keep the athletes warm, dry and light during the winters. The AllSeasonGear line followed later which keeps the athletes comfortable between the extremes.

In 1998, Kevin shifted his headquarters from his granny’s basement to a new building in Baltimore, MD. Clearly, Under Armour had arrived.

Innovation down the years
In 2009, UA introduced a new product, Recharge Suit. This product offered 50% less soreness, 50% less tiredness, and 30% more power after a game. The unique design of the fabric made it possible for the athlete to recover 100 % faster than ever.

The Company launched the UA Armour39 in 2011, which married performance with cutting-edge technology. This compression shirt is fitted with electronic touch points that generate biometric signals which enable trainers to track the performance of the athlete.

Under Armour does not make products just for men. So in 2012, Kevin and his team brought out the Armour Bra that let women choose both her band and the cup size. In other words, this amazing product makes you feel comfortable and totally in control.

One of the most amazing products that the company has developed is the Armour39 which is the first of its kind performance-monitoring system for the athletes.

Values of the Company
Under Armour prides itself on the following values;
Consistent with these values, Kevin and the rest of the company seek to do business with partners and sub-contractors who adhere to these practices and the Code of Conduct.

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