Factors To Consider Before Buying A New Wall Oven

Factors To Consider Before Buying A New Wall Oven

Wall ovens are one the great cooking appliances that every individual should have in their kitchen. From cooking meats to baking cakes, you can carry out most functions with wall ovens very effortlessly.

Wall ovens are a great alternative to standard all-in-one ranges of ovens, especially if you have the budget and the kitchen space that can accommodate the same. These types of oven are placed high on the wall and do not occupy too much of space on the surface of the kitchen floor. Unlike with other ovens, you do not have to bend over during cooking. Movement of heavy food items is much more convenient with wall ovens.

A wall oven is a big investment and you should make certain considerations when choosing one. There are many factors that will determine the final purchase and here are a few:

Cost or price-range: It comes as no surprise, wall ovens do come at an exorbitant price. You can not expect to find a very cheap option as the appliance is a heavy commodity. Wall ovens are available in a range that is anywhere between $500 to $4000 depending on the brand and the features that it packs. The models that are available in the below $1000 bracket are entry-level single wall ovens that do not come with extra features. The cost of the appliance will determine the kind of quality and features it packs.

Fuel: Wall ovens are either powered by gas or electricity. However, it is the electric wall ovens that have taken over the gas-fuel variants. While gas ovens are still popular among cooking-enthusiasts, they are much more expensive and come at a higher maintenance cost. Electric wall ovens come in a broader range and more function controls.

Size: Wall ovens are available in different inch sizes. The size you decide upon should abide by the kitchen space or slot that you have available. Usually, wall ovens are available in standard sizes that range from 24-inches, 27-inches and 3–inches. However, the size does vary from brand to brand, and it is advisable to stay loyal to a brand if you are considering a change in the model a few years down the line.

Controls: Today, most wall ovens in the market come with controls that let one set the time and carry out cooking functions with much ease. The settings that come with this appliance vary from model to model. Electronic displays are the most common control panels, and they make user-experience extremely great. Wall ovens with a good control panel will cost a price above $1000.

Convection: Convection is a system that uses an internal fan which efficiently circulates the hot air through the oven compartment. The circulation of hot air in the oven compartment is believed to allow better cooking due to evenly distributed heat. This also consumes less time for cooking. Wall ovens with convection do cost a higher amount, and you have to decide if you wish to spend the additional premium. In case of high-end models, they are fitted with ‘true convection,’ this is an additional heating element that surrounds the fan.

Cleaning-system: Wall ovens are left with a lot of after-cooking mess that has to be cleaned regularly to avoid damage to the appliance. There are self-cleaning wall ovens that allow for the bottom to be cleaned. You can also consider manual-clean wall ovens if they suit your liking.

Considering the above factors very carefully will help you make the right choice. After all, a wall oven will stay with you at least for a few years.

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