3 things you should know about assisted living

3 things you should know about assisted living

Ever since 1981, assisted living facility or ALF has become a great option to provide medical and daily care for seniors while maintaining their independence. You may have heard a lot of things about assisted living, but you may not be entirely sure as to what it means to live in one of these communities.

However, before taking a tour and knowing about various options available on hand, you should also check out the facts that everyone should know about an ALF. Here are a few facts about assisted living that you need to know:

  • Assisted living facility is different from a nursing home
    ALFs permit only those people who only need a little help to live on their own, instead of an institutional setting. A person who cannot get out bed or sit up on his/her own or is unable to use transport or is a patient requiring round the clock nursing facility does not qualify for assisted living.
  • There are different types of ALFs
    There are different types of assisted living set-ups like personal care and board homes, group homes and residential care homes. A small health care facility is a licensed home occupied by the owner or operator and is a popular choice for seniors who are looking for a homely environment in ALFs.
  • Each facility is unique
    A lot of assisted living homes provide active communities with activities suitable for a variety of personalities. Some facilities cater to a particular group besides celebrating holidays and traditions. If you visit these communities, you will get a taste of the atmosphere and community spirit. You’ll probably like what you see and no longer feel anxious about fitting in.

Some assisted living facilities also offer more intensive services, and some also offer memory care. Most of them also have a garage or shelter for resident vehicles whereas some might allow a pet as well. Overnight guests are welcome too.

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