Get Rid Of Gray Hair With Hair Dyes

Get Rid Of Gray Hair With Hair Dyes

Gray hair may still be a color trend, but it does not suit everyone. Very few people tend to cover their silver strands with different colors. Fortunately, all the hair dyes have become quite cheaper and have made everyone use them. For the same brand value, one can get lots of alternate hair dyes promising to the natural look, long-lasting color and it does wonder for the hair. Going to a beauty salon is something like trying to cross a minefield leaving the choice of brand to the beauticians. But understanding a little bit about the brands can help in exploring the best and cost-effective hair dyes. Here is a list of the best dyes for gray hair:

Permanent hair dye
It is one of the permanent solutions for gray hair that gives a long-lasting effect. So people who are interested in getting permanent hair color can try this formula and start looking younger. Most of the permanent hair colors consist of ammonia and peroxide that nourishes the hair. Therefore, it is an ideal choice to permanently color the gray hair with the lighter complexion. Few of the choices for best dyes for gray hair include:

  • Clairol Nice & Easy
    The permanent choice for lighter hair shade that gives even coloring. Surprisingly, they are available in 40 different shades which are easy to apply and use. A natural looking color that also adds life to the hair, which resembles an everlasting style. In order to match the growing hair, the product needs to be applied alternatively 4 to 6 weeks. It is available at a price of $10 at any online store or grocery.
  • L’Oreal Excellence Crème
    Due to its amazing coverage and rich texture, it has been recommended by most of its users. The colors are spread across 844 shades of natural colors of black and brown. It gives a natural covering to the complete hair, thereby protecting the natural essence which is available at a price of $10. The product needs to be used once in 8 weeks to give an even look.
  • John Frieda Precision Foam Colour
    It’s a foam rather than a hair dye that is formulated to color the complete hair without leaving any strands. In fact, the foam is easy to apply and gives better color. Approximately 21 different shades are available that gives a salon touch to even damaged hair. It is even available at a price lesser than $15.

Semi-Permanent Dyes
These can be categorized as either semi-permanent or demi-permanent dyes that can last only up to few weeks. It is not formulated with any chemicals like Ammonia or peroxide so the effect is temporary rather than provides dark complexion to the hair. The semi-permanent colors should be chosen in such a way that they should match with the original hair color. Following are the samples of semi-permanent best dyes for gray hair:

  • Clairol Natural Instincts
    It is one of the best-reviewed customer product among all the semi-permanent hair colors. It is available in 36 different shades that nourish hair from roots to the tips. An ammonia-free product that gives smoothness and also conditions the hair. The product is easily available in any Departmental Store and is arranged from $6.
  • Umberto Beverly Hills U Color
    This is an excellent semi-permanent dye which has recently been popular as it gives even coloring with a rich look and everlasting shine to the hair. It is available in 20 different shades and most of them do not contain ammonia which is preferred by many people. The product is designed in such a way that it has the capability to balance the color absorption and is available at a price below $15.
  • Wella Color Charm
    With the natural look and long lasting quality, it has been the best dye for gray hair. The product is completely safe and is ammonia free that is available in 17 different shades. It is very easy to apply and use which takes less than 20 minutes and is available in two tubes that need to be mixed together. The price of Wella Color Charm is approximately $7.

These are the best dyes for gray hair which you can choose from. Do thorough research about all the products before buying what you need.

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