Guide to prune Azaleas

Guide to prune Azaleas

When it comes to prune azaleas, the first thing you should know is what type of azaleas you have as that plays an important role in the pruning of your plant. Different type of azaleas will need different kind of pruning.

Before we move on to how to care for azaleas and when to prune azaleas, here are some facts about azaleas that could interest you

  • They are also known as ‘Royalty of the Garden’
  • They are either momentary or evergreen (long lasting)
  • They grow up to 2.5 meters i.e., 8.2 feet
  • The leaves of this plant are highly poisonous and the plant has been used as a death threat if
    given to someone in a black vase
  • People celebrate the blooming season of Azaleas in places like Japan, Korea and United
  • Plants of azaleas that are found in Asia are evergreen and the ones found in America are
    generally momentary

Pruning of Azaleas
They is timing is everything. This is also true when we prune the plants and trees. In the case of azaleas, time is one of the most important factor to consider for their growth and health. The best time to prune an azaleas plant is few weeks after their blooming season is over. Do not wait for too long as three week wait after their blooming season is perfect. Remember to not wait till summer or fall to prune them as then they will not bloom in the next season.

When you get down to pruning, examine the overgrown shrub to plan out how will start the pruning. The most traditional way of pruning is by cutting off the top branches and the ones on the side in order to promote new growth.

Begin your pruning by locating the dead and dying branches and use clean and sterile pruning shears to remove those dead and dying branches. By removing damaged, or dead branches you are cutting off the possibility of spreading the diseases through those branches.

If your azalea plant or shrub needs to be cut drastically, then you can do that. There is no harm in removing the overgrown plant or shrub.

When the pruning days are on for your azaleas, make sure you water them several times as it will encourage the new growth of the plant.

You must also trim the bush carefully after the flowers are gone. Dead and diseased stems can be found and you must trim them carefully.

Lastly, do fertilize your azaleas. You can use a slow release fertilizer.

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