Have You Ever Played These Vintage Games

Have You Ever Played These Vintage Games

Are you old school and miss playing the fun board games and toys you played as a kid? Are you already bored of spending hours playing the same set of online games with your peers?

If you nodded to both the questions, then you might be interested to know that it is not late. You can still give a break to your online games and have a sleepover with your friends where you enjoy some of the best classic board games of all time.

Are you not sure which board games to start with? Here is a list of some fun board games that you can give a shot at:

• Chinese Checkers

Created in German, this board game can be played by two, three, or six people. For playing this game, you need the traditional Chinese checkerboard, which is in the shape of a six-pointed star. The six-pointed star consists of holes that have six different colours of marbles in them. The inside of the board has a hexagon with holes. The game is quite simple, using the single step or hop-over-a-piece method, you must move your pieces to the corner of the pointed star opposite you, called the “home”.

This game is not everyone’s idea of fun but for all those nerds out there, you are in for some real fun.

• Apples to Apples

This game consists of two decks of cards, one consisting of Things and the other of Description. It unfolds by a player drawing a Description card from the pack. He/she must show the card to the other players and they then pick a Thing card among their cards that best describes the description. After this, all the players secretly place the card on the table face down. The active player then turns all the cards and chooses one Thing card that best suits the Description card. The winner gets to keep the Description card and play as an active player in the next round.

The winner here is the person who has the maximum number of Description cards.

• Pictionary

This is a popular board game that is played even today by adults and children alike. It is a drawing guessing game. Two teams play this game, wherein in every turn the team players try to guess the specific word that their fellow player is trying to convey. The game board has tiles that tell you the category you need to draw. The drawer picks up a card from the deck, then draws a word that corresponds to the category on which the team’s marker is.

• Twister

For this game, you will require muscles more than brains . The game is played on a big plastic mat that has colored circles. There is a spinner attached to this game mat. The spinner has four sections: left foot, right foot, right hand, and left foot, which then have red, blue, green, and yellow labels.

In this game, the players are supposed to put their feet and hands in absurd positions which will eventually make everyone fall.

• Risk Board Game

It is a game full of strategies, conflict, and planning. The board on which the game is played is interesting in itself. It consists of a political map of the earth, with six continents divided into 42 territories.

Now let’s get to the basic gameplay. You might have figured till now that the goal of every player is to capture the whole world and eliminate other players in the process. Each player gets an allotted territory and colored territory card of different sizes, representing the army troops. The game is taken forward by attacking and defending territories turn by turn according to the dice roll.

Note that this game can go for hours and sometimes even days until one person wins.

So, which one of the above is your favorite?

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