Here’s how to choose the right air filter for your home

Here’s how to choose the right air filter for your home

Planning to buy an air filter for your home? To find the air filter that works for you best, you must base your purchase on several crucial factors. Here is a useful insight, that will help you zero down on the air filter that is best suited for your home.

Filter model
Air filters come in different models. When it comes to model, knowing the model of the air filter will allow you to choose the right one quickly. Some aftermarket filters are designed to fit several models as well. So before making your purchase, be sure to do some research on which filter will fit which model.

Filter size
This is a very important point that needs to be considered when choosing an air filter. You will need to be extra cautious in buying a filter size that can fit into your air system with ease. While most air filters will have their sizes printed on the sides, they will feature rounded measurements. It is, therefore, wise to use a measuring tape to measure the width, height, and depth of the air filter in your home, before heading out to buy one with the same measurements.

Indoor air quality
The air filter you choose to buy largely depends on the air quality in your home. If the indoor air quality in your home is poor, you may have to buy a high-quality air filter to combat the pollution in the indoor air. Usually, the factors that degrade indoor air quality include poor ventilation, smoking (people constantly smoking inside the house), tight insulation (increases indoor air pollution), pets, and surrounding environment (industrial areas, fields, roads, etc.),

Type of filter
Air filters are usually of different kinds that are designed for different requirements. It is essential that you choose a filter that best suits your home requirements. The most common types of home air filters include electrostatic filters, carbon filters, HEPA filters, electronic filters, and pre-filters. People suffering from respiratory problems and allergies need to opt for a HEPA or electrostatic filter, which will help remove allergens like dust mites, debris, spores, pet dander, pollen grains, bacteria, etc. Additionally, if you want your air filter to help minimize the odor in your home, opt for carbon Carbon odors which are relatively more suitable.

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