Here’s what makes Tempur Pedic mattress so popular

Here’s what makes Tempur Pedic mattress so popular

Most of the people like to look for discounted prices and special offers on various purchases they make online. Apart from many other products, mattresses are essential products for our homes that must be bough after several careful considerations.

Most of the homeowners would select a mattress depending on the type of mattress, cost parameters and some additional facilities provided by various renowned mattress brands.

Tempur Pedic mattress is the preferred brand among customers across the globe because of the quality of the products and the special offers they provide for Tempur Pedic credit card holders. Customers can avail unbelievable financing options, discounts and many other offers that would save the customers considerable amount. Some of the benefits of Tempur Pedic mattress have been listed below.

Free shipping: On most of the purchases made online for various types and sizes of mattresses, customers can get free shipping benefit. It would always be a tough task to haul a mattress and take it home through a car. The size, shape, and weight of the Tempur Pedic mattress would make it somewhat difficult to handle. As we order the mattresses online, we need not worry about the transportation from the stock to our doorstep. At the same time, customers would also save the charges for shipping as well. Thus the best in class mattresses as per our choice would be brought to our doorsteps by professional movers without any damage during transit which is absolutely free of cost.

Financing offers: Tempur Pedic credit card holders can avail different finance offers that would make the most luxurious and lavish mattresses affordable for everyone. Customers can avail 0% APR for a maximum of 48 months. There would not be any interest, or annual fee charged when the mattress would be purchased through this scheme. Usually, the total cost of the purchase would be divided into equal monthly installments of about $42.00. Thus the aspirant buyers can purchase Tempur Pedic mattress and other such products worth around $ 2,000 and pay back in 48 monthly payments.

Customers can apply online for the Tempur Pedic credit card. They can use the credit card to make purchases for Tempur Pedic mattress and products online, through the sleep experts and the Tempur Pedic flagship stores. These credit cards would be available to eligible applicants subject to some terms and conditions and would not be accepted by any other merchants. More details about this credit card would be available on the official website or the sleep specialists.

Risk-free 90 nights trial: Aspirant customers can buy the Tempur Pedic mattress they wish from the online store or flagship outlet. All the mattresses would be covered under 90 nights trial offer. The selected mattress would be delivered to the doorstep through the delivery team and they would also set the mattress at the desired place in their home. The customer’s 90-day trial begins from the point of delivery.

Most of the people adjust to their new beds immediately, and some people may need some additional time to adjust themselves. The company provides 30 days breathing period for the customer to get settled on the newly purchased mattress. If the customer is still not satisfied, he or she can call the customer care number for any queries. In case, they wish to return the mattress they can do so too. Return shipping charges would be applicable if the customers have made use of free shipping offer while purchasing the mattress.

Discount offers: Customers can get $300 off on purchase of combination of Ergo adjustable bases and a mattress.
Customers can also get a flat discount of 25% on purchase of beddings and pillows. They can also get a pair of cloud or essential pillows at $99.

Thus customers can save considerable amounts by availing these discounts while buying Tempur Pedic mattresses.

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