Lesser Known Things About Presbyopia

Lesser Known Things About Presbyopia

Millions of people in the country are affected by a certain eye condition which is, namely, presbyopia. It has been estimated that 123 million around the world will be affected by the condition within 2020.

What is Presbyopia?

This is a primary eyesight related condition where the individual cannot seem to figure out things from a certain distance. The farther the objects placed, the smaller they appear to the patient. Headaches, visual fatigue, and eye strain are few of the symptoms of the eye disorder. However, to treat the condition, the doctors often recommend these lenses to people,

  • Reading glasses
  • Reading glasses can be a good option for people with this disorder as they can wear them all day long, wearing progressive and bifocal lenses can be strenuous for people to wear throughout the day. Through the reading glasses, people can see the prints on the paper or contents of a website appearing on smartphone or computer screen more clearly.
  • Contact lenses
  • The lenses can correct the vision through the technology used in it and help people to see things from a certain distance. Additionally, the lenses are available in various types including soft lens and multifocal lenses. In addition to the context, the lenses are available with monovision and can help people to see the things from a nearer distance, too.

Best-selling brands available in the market

There are various brands in the market that offer contact lenses, but only a few of them know how to become people’s favorites. The contact lenses with higher price do not always offer the best service. Here is a list of brands that can be afforded by every person in the country.

  • Bausch & Lomb’s ULTRA
    For daily wear, this can be a good choice as MoistureSeal Technology has been used to design the product. Anyone can get an effective result from it as the modulus, water component and Dk/t are combined at a perfect level.
  • Air Optix Aqua Multifocal Contact Lenses
    This product is manufactured by Alcon which is categorized under 30 days of daily wear. Additionally, it can be used as an extended wear of 30 days. The lenses provide individuals with presbyopic the options of low, medium and high. Often the patents are in need of medium power facing difficulty to see things. Generally, the contact lenses only come with low and high power options.
  • Dailies Total 1
    Again manufactured by Alcon, one of the best contacts wear brands in the market, this product contains a silicone core. Containing 80% of water content, the lenses provide a higher degree of breathability and comfort. The method of wearing the contact lenses is easy and is clinically proven so that you can maintain a healthy ocular status.

How do you take care of contact lenses?

Maintaining and taking care of the contact lenses are highly required because they determine the health of eyes. Keeping this thought in mind, here are few of the aspects that every contact lens user should remember.

  • Before using the contact lenses make sure to wash hands with a solution of soap and water
  • You should not rinse the contact lenses (CL) with sterile or tap water. They can be rinsed with a solution but before cleaning them, you can take expert’s advice. Cleaning every three months should do the trick
  • One should change contact lenses at regular intervals to avert complication that arises due to long usage of contact lenses. Eye doctors will mention the duration of the usage of the lenses
  • All the contact lenses are not ideal for the rub and rinse method and to know whether you should rub or rinse them, you can go through the manual well.
  • You should never use your saliva to wet them as saliva is not a sterile substitute for the lens solution

The contribution of the contact lenses on the humankind cannot be measured. However, it can be hoped that technology has a lot yet to offer for bettering people’s lives.

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