Mason jars, alternative to food storage

Mason jars, alternative to food storage

Mason jars are glass jars which were used to preserve food items when there were no plastic containers to serve the purpose. The original design contains an aluminum disc shaped lid and the rubber ring under the lid which creates a seal. This article examines the reason why Mason jars are better for storage and fare better compared to other forms of storage such as plastic:

There are various studies proving that the quality of the plastic containers in which food is preserved is quite poor and contains harmful toxins. In some cases, it has also been proved to lead to cancer. Plastic containers cannot be used for a very long time and when exposed to above a certain temperature the particles in the containers starts reacting with the food. Hence, there has been the need for an alternative option for food storage.

Mason jars, on the other hand, are like a lifetime investment. They can withstand temperatures much beyond what plastic containers can.

Mason jars can easily replace even the use-and-throw plastic drinking cups. This not only protects the health of the individual in a long run but also ends up providing a vintage and classy look! Another advantage of using Mason jars over plastic is that plastic is harmful to the environment. On the other hand, nearly 80% of glass can be recycled and it does not emit toxins during the recycling process unlike plastic. So, that is one less thing to worry about.

The question of whether toxins are transferred from plastic containers to food is now eliminated. Now, the question is just how much do toxins migrate? Glass is much cleaner than plastic. It has a non-porous surface and hence it does not absorb any food and germs proving once again that Mason jars are the healthier alternative for food storage. By storing food in Mason jars the original flavor and nutrients are retained. At first glimpse Mason jars may seem to be the more expensive choice, but they are a one-time long-term investment that actually saves you money and preserves your health in the long run.

Mason jars are multi functional, don’t absorb smell unlike plastic and can also be safely used for storing hot food, making them thoroughly superior to plastic containers.

Thus it can be safely concluded that Mason jars are the better, as well as the healthier and more convenient alternative for food storage.

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