Quick maintenance tips for snow plows

Quick maintenance tips for snow plows

Snow plows are a great solution for removing snow from your way as you can do this from the comfort of your car instead of the traditional method of shoveling away the snow out in the cold. There are some commercial and non-commercial snow plows available in the market that are of different price ranges.

Whichever kind of snow plowing kit you use, it is very important to maintain it properly to ensure its longevity. Snow plows are an important investment, so it is important to ensure that they are maintained for consistent performance over the years.

Following are some pointers that might help you maintain the longevity of your new snow plows:

  • When buying a snow plow, look for blades with a rubber edge or any other specially designed edge that offers ease in removing snow from various kinds of surfaces. Check the new snow plows edge after every use to see if there are any significant wear and tear. The cutting edge needs to be at least four inches tall. When your blade edge shrinks to less than 4 inches, it is time to look at new snow plows for replacement.
  • If any part of the snow plow is battery operated, make it a point to check the battery terminals regularly for any corrosion and to ensure they are clean.
  • Grease the electric connections of your new snow regularly plow with dielectric grease to keep it clean all the time. Keep a track on the electrical connections to ensure they are clean and are tight.
  • Secure all the bolts of your new snow plows and even the old ones after the first plowing session of the year. Keep adjusting the runner’s height often to make sure that the cutting edge is half an inch above the ground. This protects the blade from any damage and also helps in the efficient removal of ice. The tightening of the mounting bolts should be done frequently at regular intervals during the snow plowing season.
  • It is not just the snow plowing kit that needs proper maintenance for consistent performance over time but also other equipment like your truck or vehicle with which you intend to use the snow plow with. Look for any dim lights on your vehicle during the cold season. This may be due to the excess cold or ice forming over these lights. Also, pay close attention to the tires as well as they tend to lose pressure under cold conditions.

Maintaining your new snow plows and other related equipment ensures an efficient snow removal process and fewer maintenance costs for you.

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