Reasons why Asics wrestling shoes are a great buy

Reasons why Asics wrestling shoes are a great buy

Being a leader in producing running shoes that have often been ranked among the top performance footwear in the market, Asics, a Japanese multinational corporation which produces footwear and sports equipment, offers about 30 types of wrestling shoes. Moreover, in many surveys, Asics Men’s Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe has emerged as a popular choice for the best wrestling shoes. Available in 25 different sizes and 6 assorted colors, these legendary series of wrestling shoes are incredibly durable and are perfectly engineered. Starting with a price of around $40 and going up to around $160, the Asics wrestling shoes are affordable, yet unmatched in durability and performance.

Although wrestlers optimize their performances depending on their weight and how they move, the Asics wrestling shoes provide increased flexibility with their exceptional fit. They are grippy and fit like a glove to the feet, are tight and close fitting, just how a wrestling shoe should be for a lightweight wrestler. Not just for wrestlers, Asics wrestling shoes are a favorite even for other sportspersons who are engaged in weightlifting and boxing.

Wrestling shoes need a specific traction for extra grip on the mat and Asics wrestling shoes help cater to that need. Moreover, in some models, the availability of ankle strap closure in addition to the regular string ties gives the wrestler a tighter, more supportive fit around the ankles. Their integrated lace garage technology that complies with rules regarding laces and the use of lightweight, comfortable, and breathable materials like mesh, leather, suede, or nylon fabric in the designing of the Asics wrestling shoes allows moisture to escape without weighing down your feet. This also helps keep the shoe light for maximum foot speed. The type of wrestling shoe sole that is chosen is very important. The improved rubber compound split soles, where the sole is divided into two discrete parts, are designed for wrestlers looking for mobility, flexibility, balance, and speed. Wrestlers suffering from foot pain and those affected by the plantar fasciitis condition prefer using Asics wrestling shoes.

Their excellent reputation precedes the Asics wrestling shoe because quality and attention to detail are the hallmarks of this brand. Asics is a durable and good-quality brand and its shoes will last multiple wrestling seasons.

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