Step into the world of Fiesta Dinnerware

Step into the world of Fiesta Dinnerware

When it comes to shopping for some classy dinnerware, Fiesta is one of the first and best brand names that come to the mind. Fiesta is, beyond doubt, one of the most durable, stylish, and sturdiest dinnerware sets in the market, and will last a life time if you take good care of them. Manufactured in the US, Fiesta dishes and dinnerware are all free of lead and feature a stunning range of products that will make customers spoiled for choice.

What is Fiesta dinnerware made from?
The materials that go into the making of Fiesta Dinnerware include alumina, silica, clay, and feldspar, materials that all contribute towards excellent longevity and durability.

Fiesta dinnerware comes with an impressively long warranty of five years and any defective item will be replaced immediately by the company. Manufactured by the famous Homer Laughlin China Company, Fiesta Dinnerware comes along with their company stamping that makes it easy to ensure you are, indeed, buying original stuff.

Wonderful Benefits of Fiesta dinnerware
Listed below are the benefits of fiesta dinnerware:
Microwave safe: These dishes are microwave safe
Dishwasher safe: They are also sturdy enough to be put into your dishwasher
Chip resistant: Great news is that Fiesta Dinnerware is chip resistant and comes with a chip resistant warranty for five years
Oven proof: They are oven proof too
Wide range: You have a wonderful and stunning range of dinnerware and accessories to take your pick from
Sturdy: Fiesta dinnerware is well known for its sturdiness and durability
Made from vitrified ceramic: This makes them durable and can be put directly into the oven from your freezer
Does not absorb moisture: Good news is that this dinnerware does not absorb moisture nor odors
500 degrees freezing: Fiesta dinnerware can withstand freezing up to 500 degrees

Maintenance and care for Fiesta dinnerware
Given below are some simple guidelines that will help to ensure that your fiesta Dinnerware lasts forever.
– They can be safely loaded into your dishwasher
– Make use of a mitt while removing dishes from the oven or microwave
– Clean gently with lukewarm water along with detergent
– Never clean your dinnerware with abrasives
– Stack your dinnerware with care

So, do go ahead and browse their wonderful collection that will give you an idea about what exactly this dinnerware is and help you choose the best deals that will help you collect the exquisite pieces you have a fancy for.

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