Top 10 Bed Bug Sprays to Choose From

Top 10 Bed Bug Sprays to Choose From

Have you ever imagined a night sleeping on a bed infested with bed bugs? If you have ever suffered from this problem of bed bugs on your bed, or under your mattress, you might be able to understand what we are trying to say. Even after pest control, some people are not able to get rid of these stubborn bed bugs.

But we have easy solutions which will help you purge the bed bugs allowing you to lay peacefully on your couch or bed.

10 best bed bug sprays

Killer Green b52

If you are among those few who are allergic to these insecticides or their smell, you must use Killer Green b52 for killing bed bugs. This has a mild odor and is hardly irritable. Made up of eco-friendly ingredients such as salts and enzymes, it doesn’t have strong, pungent smell and it is one of the best bed bug sprays for those who are allergic to the smell of insecticides and pesticides.

Bed Bug Patrol

These are made up of natural elements, and are thus, free from harsh chemicals. You may easily use it even when you have kids and pets at home. It is totally green and is made up of plant extracts. Hence, it is the best bed bug spray for all those with children around. It is easily affordable and is safe. Even if you are a first-timer, you won’t face any problem applying it as it has an e-manual attached. This helps in applying it and maintaining precautions if required.


It is made up of 100 percent natural ingredients. One can easily use it in the public places such as hotels, guest rooms, transports etc. This is very effective and kills bed bugs for several weeks. It has an elegant aroma, and hence, is one of the best bed bug sprays for public use.

Rest Easy

Rest Easy is the best bed bug spray for those who travel frequently. If you are one of those people who have to stay in hotels or travel for long intervals, you should carry this spray with you. It comes in a small spray bottle and can easily fit in your purse or pocket. So, you need not worry whether the beds you sleep on are bug-free or not; just spray Rest Easy and lie comfortably. These act as mosquito and fly repellents as well.

Hot Shot

It is very effective and can also kill the eggs of bed bugs. Though highly chemical, you can use it in your luggage, couch, and mattresses. You can also use it on the corners and sides. It easily spreads on the hard to reach areas and kills the bed bugs and even its eggs.

Euco Clean 3-In-1

Euco Clean has eucalyptus as one of the important ingredients. This gives it a pleasant smell. It is the best bed bug spray for homes, hotels, and offices. It is eco-friendly in nature and also works as a fly, mosquito, and cockroach repellents. It leaves a sweet elegant aroma when sprayed.

Pest Peeve Bye Bye

Made up of natural elements such as geranium and cedarwood oil, it is safe but it leaves a pungent and irritating aroma. You may use it when children or pets are around but avoid using if you have a smell allergy.

Harris Egg Kill And Resistant

This smell free bed bug repellent can be used on the walls and floor of the room. It is very effective in killing both the eggs and the insects. You get a gallon with a spray nozzle. This helps in easy spraying even in the corners and sides. You may also use it on the furniture of your house.

Bedlam Plus

It is an effective bed bug repellent that is effective in killing both bedbugs and its eggs. It can be used on furniture, and it can even penetrate through the cracks and holes on the surface. Its effects last for two weeks.


Made up of 100 percent natural and organic elements, it is safe to use even when kids and pets are around. It is effective in killing even the eggs and nymphs. It is stainless and can be applied directly to the bed and furniture sides.

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