Top 7 brands of facial hair removal wax

Top 7 brands of facial hair removal wax

Facial hair can be embarrassing, and every woman desires to know the procedure that can get rid of facial hair effectively. Several hair removal procedures do exist, and among them, waxing is the most efficient and best facial hair removal solution. Waxing removes the finest of hair precisely and is also an excellent pocket-friendly way of removing unwanted facial hair right in the comfort of your home. So, here is a sneak peek into the best facial hair remover wax and their pricing, read on.

  • Cirepil Blue

The wax offered by this brand is meant for full body waxing including sensitive areas such as the chin or the forehead etc. Available for about $28, it may seem a bit pricey but the quality of waxing and the quality of the wax, are just great and hence worth the cost. It can be applied easily without any non-woven strip or cellophane and offers consistent and high-quality facial hair removal.

  • Lycia

For those who prefer wax strips over the whole time-consuming procedure of applying wax and then removing it, the hair removal strips offered by Lycia can be one of the best facial hair remover wax strips options. Available at $14 a pack, it comes with a delicate scent and is safe, quick and very effective. These strips can not only be used on the face but on the arms and legs as well.

  • Begin

The non-woven wax strips, offered by Begin, provides salon like hair removal within minutes. While the disposable wax strips ensure health and hygiene, the smooth surface of it ensures maximum comfort during hair removal. These strips are available in two different sizes, according to your need and the area you want to wax, you can opt for the suitable size and enjoy efficiently done facial hair removal. These strips can be used on the body as well. It comes at a price of around $7.

  • Surgi-wax

Made with maple honey, the wax that the brand Surgi offers can be an affordable yet the best facial hair remover wax option for many. Available for around $6, this facial wax can be applied on the face after merely heating it a bit in the microwave and then stirring for a minute. It ensures hair-free smooth skin for weeks.

  • Teenitor

Another reliable name when it comes to efficiently removing facial hair by using wax strips. These hair removal wax strips can be easily used for both the body as well as facial hair removal. The strips are durable and thick and offer great tensile strength for removing the hair from the root. It ensures that the skin stays soft and supple even after waxing. A box of 3 packs, each containing 100 waxing strips comes for only around $ 12.

  • Gigi

The Brazilian hot wax that Gigi offers works not only great for facial hair removal, but also on coarse body hair. Priced at $12, this product is an excellent value for money. Its strip free formula is not only meant for bikini waxing but also for delicate and sensitive areas including the face.

  • Sally Hansen

The box of 34 hair removal wax strips that Sally Hansen offers for around $4 is exclusively designed for the purpose of facial hair removal. Therefore, no need to worry about skin damage or pain during hair removal. From upper lip to eyebrows, these strips can be used even for hair removal from the bikini line. You can follow the instructions given on the package to achieve professional grade results right at home.

So, don’t wait, buy the wax that you prefer based on the type and your budget and go for hair removal anytime you want. Experience hassle-free waxing with these best facial hair remover waxing products!

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