Top reasons to invest in electric ranges

Top reasons to invest in electric ranges

The kitchen is an important part of every home because it is the place where hearty meals are cooked for family and friends. The first thing that concerns anyone who wants to purchase a new kitchen range is the cost. Electric ranges are less expensive when compared to gas stoves. Gas stoves are expensive because to fix a gas stove in your kitchen, you need to call a technician and get a gas pipeline installed in your property for the fuel supply, which can be a costly affair. Electric stoves are preferred over gas stoves for the following reasons.

Easy installation
Electric ranges do not require the assistance of an appliance technician to come and install the stove. You just unpack and move the range to the right place, plug in the cord to an outlet and your stove is ready to use.

Quick cleaning
An electric stove is easy to clean when compared to a gas stove. If your stove is a smooth top, there is no hassle in cleaning it because the burners won’t accumulate any grease and you can clean the surface in one swift movement. If you own the coiled version, it is easier to clean than the greased gas stove burners.

The smooth surface of electric ranges proves to be an added advantage while cooking. The frying pans and pots will stand stable while cooking as they are not standing on any coil or burner pans where they need to be balanced. The oil in the pot will not pool to one side because of the tilted arrangement of the burner pans like on the gas stove. You can also use the even surface as additional storage space when the stove is not in use.

You do not need an igniter or a lighter to turn the heat on the stove; the heat on the burner is switched on with a twist of the knob. The oven in the electric ranger heats up faster than the oven in a gas stove.

Optional features
Electric stoves come with additional features like grills and fans that are not available with the gas cooking ranges. Some of the latest models come with a cool feature that heats up the stove just enough to keep your food warm.

Distribution of heat
The heat in the electric oven is distributed evenly. So the time taken for cooking or baking in the oven is less when compared to a gas oven.

Energy efficient
Since there is no pilot in the electric ranges, the kitchen remains cooler. Additionally, the electric units are designed to stop the excess heat from escaping from the cooktop. When excess heat is prevented from leaking into the kitchen, the load on air-conditioning also reduces.

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