Top smartphone data plan choices by T-Mobile

Top smartphone data plan choices by T-Mobile

Finding cheap mobile data plans for your family or friends circle is still a harrowing and lengthy process. Going through all the plans by all the carriers is actually a huge process. T-Mobile has a quite fair pricing for its plans and also offers the best plans and bonuses. Nowadays, they are offering wide range of fringe benefits such as free surprise gifts on Tuesdays, free international service, unlimited data plans, unlimited music and video streaming etc. T-Mobile also offers another service, the One plan:

  • T-Mobile One Plus is a premium upgrade and it costs $5 per month. It includes many other features such as caller ID, voicemail to text and unlimited GoGo in-flight WiFi. It also offers a good international plan such as landline calls in 70 countries and unlimited LTE hotspots and other best benefits. This is one of the best cell phone data plans.
  • T-Mobile One Plan is one of the best mobile data plans and offers unlimited data. If you are using the minimum data per month, its price increases in the range of $20-$70. If you are happy with your current data plan, you will get an unlimited offer while staying in the old plan without having to spend extra cash.
  • If your family needs tethering mobile hotspots and international calls, you can choose T-Mobile’s One plan unlimited offers.

Even though T-Mobile One Plus has many upsides, it has a downside too.

  • LTE mobile-hotspot data of 10GB
  • Charges $5 per line for each month if you are going to auto pay your bills
  • Spotty coverage in rural areas
  • Tethering speed limited to 3G speeds

The benefits of T-Mobile’s best cell phone data plan:

  • Music freedom: Without using your complete data allowance, you can stream on your favorite music through different apps like Spotify.
  • Jump in demand: You can exchange and get the latest plan with an upgradation.
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays: You can get tremendous Tuesday offers like Frosty from Wendy’s or $15 in Lyft credit by downloading the iOS and Android app.
  • No overages on data: No overages for unlimited plan members.
  • Mobile without borders: If you are in Canada, Mexico or in the states, you are lucky to have unlimited text, call and data. Users from other countries can grab this offer with lower 3G/2G speeds with call rate 20 cents per minute.
  • Free Netflix subscription: Unlimited two or more lines of account for customers.
  • Speeds won’t slow down until 50GB: You can enjoy your data plan until it reaches 50GB.
  • Voicemail to text: You can convert voice to text through T-Mobile One Plus plans.



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