Travel the world with Delta

Travel the world with Delta

Fly to any place you want with Delta flights and save money with their exclusive deals. Thanks to Delta flights, sales have become very lucrative for the travelers as you don’t have to spend your entire savings on airfare itself. There are two types of fares the refundable fares, which do not need much advance booking, and the non-refundable fares, which are fixed at the best price, but has some restrictions. Here is a list of some of the best deals provided by Delta that will help you buy your tickets for the next vacation.

Delta flights for North America
Weekend deals
The weekend deals of Delta flights are very enticing. The lowest fare starts from $69 per passenger for a one-way trip between Atlanta and Montgomery, whereas a round trip ticket for the same route will cost just $89.

Flights to Europe
If you want to enjoy a vacation in Europe, this is the right time. Pack your bags and book your air tickets with Delta, which starts at as low as $820 for a round trip between New York-Kennedy to Brussels, Belgium.

Flights to Asia and Pacific region
If you are planning a pocket-friendly vacation in Asia, then Delta is the right place to book your air tickets. Fares start from $749 for a round-trip between Seattle to Shanghai in China.

Flights to New Seoul
If you have planned on visiting Seoul, then the lowest main cabin round trip fare is $947 from Baltimore to Seoul-Incheon, Korea, although you can get flights to Seoul from other airports like Nashville, Richmond, Greenville, Memphis, and Birmingham.

Flights to Latin America
If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing views of Galapagos Islands, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires at an affordable cos, Delta flights are the best choices. The lowest fare is $689 for a round-trip between Atlanta and Bermuda. The other places to travel from Atlanta are Bogota, Panama City, Rio de Janeiro and Sau Paulo.

Delta flights for Europe
Berlin to New York City
If you want a flight from Berlin to NYC that you can afford, Delta flights is the best option. It will cost you $1,400 for a round-trip.

UK to the US
The lowest of the fares to travel from U.K. to U.S. is $430 between London to New York. You will also get flights from London to Boston, Miami, and Minneapolis.

Spain to North America
The fares are on the basis of required round-trip purchase, but the lowest one is $2090 from Madrid to Boston. You will also get flights from Madrid to Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington.

Delta flights for Asia-Pacific
Korean deals
From Seoul to Seattle, the air ticket will cost $775 for a round-trip. Around $130 is the cancellation charge. From Seoul to Washington, you will get a flexible airfare of around $3000. But you can also fly to Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and many other places.

Singapore deals
You can fly from Singapore to Seattle at a very nominal fare of $1,279, and the same fare is applicable if you travel from Singapore to Portland. Other places where you can land are Las Vegas and Boston among many others.

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